Your Planet Needs YOU !!!

It’s absolutely vital to us that this campaign belongs to ALL the residents of Handforth – it isn’t, and mustn’t be, just the Parish Council and a handful of enthusiasts preaching to you, we really want it to be “owned” by everyone. Of course, you can just take ideas away from this website if that’s all you want, and we hope you’ll save a bit of cash, and make a contribution to saving Planet Earth in so doing.

But we really want to get the absolute most out of everyone that we can – Climate Change, and all the other associated problems – waste, pollution, disruption – are obviously big, big problems that affect us all, and will affect our children and grandchildren even more so. So what can YOU do, what can your FAMILY do, what can your NEIGHBOURS do to help prevent, or at least minimise, these catastrophes? And how CAN you get involved?

If you look at the Social Media icons at the left of the website – just above the Facebook logo (in tablets and mobiles, the icons are at the foot of the screen) – you can see an email symbol, in the shape of a small envelope. Click on that and you will be able to very easily send us an email message to say you want to volunteer in some way, or have useful information to contribute. Send it to GreenerHandforth@gmail.com – thank you (click on the envelope symbol on any of these website pages).

What can you do as a (very welcome) volunteer?

Well, we’ve divided up the subjects we cover in the Greener Handforth Campaign, into seven Topics:

Carbon Capture (eg by planting trees)

Less Carbon – how we can reduce the carbon we pour out into the atmosphere

Reduce Plastic – how to buy less, use less, and throw away less of this scourge

Reduce waste – Repair more things, Re-use more, Recycle more

Reduce Energy Usage

Use High-Efficiency Energy equipment

Save Water

You might find something that really grabs your attention in any of these. You might have some bright ideas that can be added to the website to help others. You might have specialist technical or scientific knowledge. You might know someone, or perhaps a business or organisation, that can help us or has something to contribute. You might be able to help out with physical work or administrative work. Maybe you can organise a street event like the “Get Rid of Plastic” project that saw an entire street in Bristol reduce its plastic waste by an incredible 45% in just a few months. And what about the two little girls, Ella and Caitlin, that have taken on the mighty giants McDonalds and Burger King over the “Happy” Meal plastic toys that everyone throws away? They’ve got a petition going that’s collected way over half a million signatures, and Burger King have responded positively. If two girls – 9 years and 7 years old at the time– can do that, what can YOU and your family do? Have a look at the YouTube video of the TV programme below – if you want to skip to the section about the girls’ petition, go 9 mins 50 seconds into the video – but the whole video is fascinating (not to mention scary!).

So, literally everyone can do something to help. You can do a lot all by yourself: but we really hope you will take part in our community campaign.

To volunteer, click the email icon on any of these website pages, and send an email to GreenerHandforth@gmail.com, with yout thoughts on what you’d like to do. Thank you.