Reduce Waste

New way to deal with your food waste

Cheshire East are rolling out a new system for dealing with your food waste in January and February. You will be given a new bin – a “food caddy” – and an initial supply of special bags for all your waste – peelings, left-overs, old unused food.

Collect the food in the bags and pit the filled bags in your GREEN (garden waste) bin.

The waste food will be processed to produce energy, so it’s really good for the environment to do this.

Did Uou Know? An astounding 30% of food in te UK gets thrown out – that’s from supermarkets, restaurants, fast-food outlets, and all of our kutchens. We should try really hard to reduce this: but at least, let’s take up Cheshire East’s new system to make sure what we DO throw out gets used efficiently.

Things you can do to Reduce or Recycle Waste

Give used items to charity

Clothes, shoes, furniture, Crockery, Glassware, Cutlery, Books, CDs, DVDs, Games – all these are welcome at charity shops and school fairs.

There are three charity shops in Handforth. Shaw Trust is on Wilmslow Road near the entranceway to The Paddock, and both Marie Curie and the East Cheshire Hospice Trust have shops in The Paddock.

By the way, they’re a good place to pick up a bargain, as well as to recycle your unwanted/superfluous things.

Buy a bit less fashion !

This won’t be a popular thing to say! But clothes take up staggering amounts of energy and water to manufacture, to dye, and to transport to the shops (often from the far East). Just give it a bit of thought – do you really need that extra top, or T-shirt, or pair of trainers? You could really do the planet a bit of good by just buying a little bit less.

Separate the recyclable items from the landfill waste

Are you making the most of your silver bin and your green bin?

You can put these in your silver bin:

  • Aerosols (as long as they’re empty)
  • Aluminium foil, trays etc
  • Cardboard
  • Cartons
  • Drinks cans
  • Food tins
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Paper (includes brochures, envelopes, cards, junk mail) – not photos
  • Plastic bags (must be empty)
  • Plastic bottles (includes bleach and detergent, shampoo etc)
  • Plastic food trays (eg meat, fish)
  • Plastic cream, ice cream and yoghurt pots
  • Waxed paper cups (tea/coffee)
  • Wrapping paper (but not if it has glitter – black bin, please)

Click “Recyclable Items” to see pictures of things that CAN go in your silver bin – some of them may surprise you!

Recyclable Items

Your green bin should be used for:

  • Garden waste – leaves, grass, twigs small branches, bark
  • Cut flowers
  • Hedge clippings
  • Plants
  • Weeds

Larger items that aren’t suitable for the black bin should be taken to a waste recycling centre. The nearest ones in Cheshire East’s area are:

  • Albert Road, Bollington, SK10 5HW
  • Mobberley Road (B5085), Shaw Heath, Knutsford, WA16 8HT
  • A536 Macclesfield to Congleton Road, Gawsworth, SK11 9QP
  • Anson Road, Poynton, SK12 1TD

NOTE: if you arrive with a van or anything bigger than a car you will need to get a permit from Cheshire East first – go to this link:

Cheshire East will also collect large items (for example, beds, mattresses, furniture), BUT this is for a fee – up to 3 items for £40, up to 6 for £80.

HPC will be working on collections for other recyclable items such as batteries – watch this space.

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