Reduce Plastic

BIN IT !! Make sure every last piece of plastic goes into a bin.

Plastic of every kind is not only ugly, it’s really unhygienic – it attracts insects and rodents.

But the biggest problem is, it blows around and eventually gets into rivers, and from there into the sea. It doesn’t bio-degrade for years, maybe even hundreds of years, so eventually it gets eaten by sea creatures and fish. That means it could end up in the fish that YOU eat. This is NOT a scare story: it’s true.

So we say, for your own benefit and your children and grandchildren, BIN IT – bin every last little scrap of plastic. Don’t throw it on the street and expect someone else to clear it up: don’t throw it out of the car window. If it goes in a bin, try to put it into the correct bin if it’s recyclable, but even if you’re not sure, it’s better to put it in ANY bin rather than let it find its way to the sea.

Click “Recyclable Items” to see pictures of things that CAN go in your silver bin – some of them may surprise you!

Recyclable Items

Use “Lifetime” Shopping Bags

Almost all supermarkets sell really strong “Lifetime” shopping bags.

These are tough and last a long time, and the shops will replace them if they break or wear out. So the lightweight plastic shopping bags of old, for which you have to pay at least 5p anyway, are poor value in comparison. And worse, they break quite easily, and then they end up in the rubbish.

And if they blow away free, and get into the rivers and seas, they really are a dreadful menace to fish and other sea creatures.

Use paper or wood, not plastic

More and more shops are offering paper bags for your purchases. These are much more friendly to the environment than plastic as the paper will bio-degrade and not kill wildlife. Use paper whenever you get the choice. And why not ask the shops why they don’t offer paper alternatives? They really should be moving toward using plastic much less often.

And what about the children’s toys? There are good toys made of wood and cardboard – they don’t have to have everything made of plastic!

Restaurants, Take-Aways, Cafes, Bars, Sandwich stores

More and more, food and drink establishments are turning away from using throw-away plastic items – drinking straws, knives, forks, spoons. And the wrappers they use for take-away food are increasingly moving over to paper and cardboard – this will bio-degrade so it’s far less of a problem than plastic.

Greener Handforth, and Cheshire East Council, will be working with the food industry to try and bring forward ways to cut out the use of plastic as quickly as possible.

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