Less Carbon

Reducing Our Carbon Emissions

Handforth Parish Council is holding discussions with Cheshire East Council to explore the option of converting the spare open ground beside the Youth Centre (that’s near the rail station, off Station Road and Old Road) into parking. That could yield up to100 more parking spaces, and those would be really convenient for the rail station, thus encouraging more use of rail instead of car miles.

It would also, of course, ease parking pressures on the Health Centre, and on Handforth’s commercial centre in general. It would be a substantial increase in our overall parking spaces.

We’ll keep you posted on developments.

The School Run

Do you drive your children to school every day? Just cutting that out (by walking) one single day every month is a whole 5% reduction. Not only that, you’ll all be fitter and healthier. Maybe you can share the journey with another family that lives nearby?

Tell us if you walked instead of driving !

New or Replacement Car?

Next time you buy a car, look very carefully at how fuel-efficient it is. There are some really big differences, and it isn’t always obvious which is better – check them out on the internet.

And think about an all-electric car, or at least a hybrid. Very likely, in a few years there won’t be any alternative.

More and Better Bus Services

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Pretty well every one is promising better bus services, but nobody seems to be delivering them. We’re going to keep up the pressure on the providers, and if we can get some genuine action, we’ll keep you advised. A popular well-used bus service can reduce CO2 emissions from car journeys, as well as being cheaper.

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