High Efficiency Energy

Did you know? Last year, over a third of ALL the energy used in the UK came from ”renewable” sources – that means, mainly wind turbines and solar panels (although there are some other interesting new ideas being developed, such as heat from underground, power from tidal waves, even burning up general waste that would otherwise go to landfill dumps).


All of these technologies deliver the energy to you by means of electricity. So we say, whenever you get the choice, use electrically powered devices rather then gas. Boilers for central heating, and your ovens and hobs: choose electricity instead of gas. Many people prefer gas to electricity for cooking because gas is easier to control – but the problem is, it does send CO2 up into the atmosphere. Electricity is much “greener”, and the other advantage is the hobs and ovens are a lot easier to clean. So, choose electricity if you can.

Solar Panels

You can reduce your electricity bills by installing solar panels.

Many people think these don’t work in Britain because don’t have enough sunshine, but that just isn’t true – they work we in many lighting conditions without strong sun– even on cloudy days.

A typical home can cut its carbon emissions by over a ton every year.

The Government is committed to launching a “Smart Export Guarantee” system, whereby you will be able to sell any surplus power that you generate from solar panels back to your electricity supplier, but details of this scheme have not yet been announced.

If you would like us to notify you when the “Smart Export Guarantee” system is released and is available in Handforth, tell us…..

If you have installed solar panels, or are thinking about it seriously, we’d very much like to hear from you… please tell us ….

Wind Turbines

Unfortunately, wind turbines aren’t practical in Handforth. They would be unsafe in the vicinity of Manchester Airport, and they could even interfere with the Jodrell Bank telescope.

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