Chris Packham and the Woodland Trust – Plant a Tree to Save the World

This TV programme centered around the campaign by the Woodland Trust requesting donations of £1.50 per tree, with the aim of planting 100,000 trees in the UK.

The Government aims to plant 1.5bn (1,500,000,000) trees by 2050. That’s 24 for every man woman and child in 30 years.

These are some of the things trees can do:

An acre of trees (that’s 4,000 square metres) can absorb carbon equivalent to a car driving 26,000 miles – that’s all the way around the world. That’s roughly what 3 average cars do in a year. And it would be a woodland less than twice the size of the open area of The Paddock, so roughly one mature tree for every car every year. That’s surely got to be achievable. Let’s find spaces in our gardens, our verges, our open spaces, our patklands, to do it!

Trees can also hugely cut down Air Pollution.

A primary school in London (St Johns CE Primary in Hammersmith – 200 children) was measured as the second most polluted in London.

The kids planted a group of 17 young trees – saplings. Within a matter of months, the air pollution dropped by 25%, and the youngsters found it noticeably fresher. Just 17 saplings,in a matter of months – simply amazing!

And is there anything as beautiful as a tree? They are SO important to how we feel – our well-breing – and each provides a home for so, so much wildlife – insects, butterflies, small mammals, beautiful bids large and small – a little universe.

The Chris Packham / Woodland Trust programme was on Channel 5 and can be viewed on the My5 playback channel