Carbon Capture

Carbon Capture is one of the most important things we can all do.

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The Earth is heating up because we pump carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide, CO2) into the air from all the energy-using things we do – driving cars, using coal, gas and electricity, farming animals for meat, and thousands of other activities. But we can reverse some of that by capturing the carbon back from the atmosphere, in the most extraordinarily simple, and beautiful, way – by planting trees and shrubs. Plants capture the carbon from the atmosphere: they split the carbon dioxide into carbon, which they use to build the trunks and branches and roots and leaves, and oxygen, which is released into the atmosphere for us to breathe. How simple – and how amazing!

So, if we plant lots of trees, we can reduce the carbon from the atmosphere, and thus “offset” the carbon dioxide we put INTO the atmosphere.

Handforth Parish Council (“HPC”), supporting the “GreenerHandforth” campaign, is going to plant lots of trees and shrubs. Where possible, we will do this so as to make Handforth a nicer, greener, pleasanter place to live – a bit of England’s “green and pleasant land”.

This thought has motivated a group of Handforth residents to get together and form The Handforth Woodland Group” to do just that – plant trees and shrubs all over Handforth. They’ve raised funds, got sponsorships, agreed some locations already for planting trees (both of the primary schools, for example). But they’ll need more of all of those things, so if you can help with any of them, do come forward and let them, or us, know – please!

But maybe you can help? Can you tell us of places where we can plant extra trees or shrubs? Maybe in the streets near you (but remember they mustn’t cause dangers by getting in the way of road signs). Maybe in your own garden?

HPC, and the Woodland Group, are already working with Cheshire East to identify places in our streets and open spaces where we can do planting, and we’ll be exploring every idea we can think of. We expect to do quite a lot of planting in the Spring, and lots more in the Autumn: we’ll let you know through these pages what we’re doing.

But if YOU can help by telling us places we can plant, and/or if you can help in any other way, please do so by to the “Volunteer” page, or give us any bright ideas you have…..

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