These campaigns are run by groups or individuals that are independent of Handforth Parish Council, but whose objectives tie in with those of the Council’s Greener Handforth campaign.

Handforth Woodland Group

Handforth Woodlands


This Group’s aim is to plant as many trees, shrubs and other plants as possible in Handforth, with the intention of maximising carbon capture as a contribution towards the Climate Emergency. Trees absorb carbon dioxide directly from the air – about half the weight of a growing tree is carbon, so the contribution they make is massive.

In addition, of course, trees are beautiful (everyone loves a tree), and they are brilliant at providing habitats for all sorts of wildlife – birds, insects, animals.


I Love Hedgehogs


David Carey is passionate about trying to reverse the downward spiral that’s caused our hedgehog population to plummet over the last few decades. He has ideas on how you can make a safe, encouraging habitat for them in your garden.

You only need a small patch – their needs are very modest – and you may be lucky enough to see them in your garden. (Hint: they love slugs and other pests!)


Repair Café

Repair Cafe

The group Transition Wilmslow runs a Repair Cafe at St Chad’s Church Hall occasionally. Here, you can take along all manner of “injured” items – furniture, computers, electrical equipment (NOT microwaves), toys and the like. There’s a pretty good chance the volunteers will be able to fix it for you – all at no charge.

Re-using and recycling in this way is great for the environment: not only does it reduce materials being dumped in landfill, it means that raw materials aren’t used to manufacture a new item to replace the broken one. This really is a win-win-win scenario.


If you would like to help any of these campaign groups, either contact them direct, or email us at and we will forward your request to them.