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What is “Greener Handforth” all about?

“Greener Handforth” is a campaign (supported by Handforth Parish Council – “HPC”) to help everyone in the community of Handforth to “do their bit” to help save the future of our beautiful planet. The idea is that absolutely everyone can contribute in some way: planting more trees and shrubs, using less fossil fuels, recycling more (especially plastic), using the car a bit less – a thousand things.

So “Greener Handforth”, is asking everyone to help. Look at our website and publications and see which things you can do that consume less and save more (and usually save you money in the process). Don’t use the car unless you have to, turn the taps and the lights off when you don’t really need them, use energy-efficient plumbing and electrical equipment – there are dozens of “little” things you can do that really do mount up. And they can save you quite a lot of money in the process.

Also, can you help us with this campaign? Do you have expertise in technical matters such as carbon offset and alternative energy? Are you expert in trees and shrubs? Can you deliver some of our leaflets? Can you think of energy-saving ideas we haven’t listed? Remember, every little bit can help enormously if 63 million people – the population of the UK – all do it.

As the Parish Council, HPC will be taking action itself, wherever it can, and Will also act as a hub to communicate all the ideas and connect those who can put them into practice. And where it helps, HPC will find the finances for those ideas. We all want everyone, from the very youngest to the most senior, to take part. We need volunteers of all sorts – from just ordinary helping hands to the most knowledgeable experts. All you need is enthusiasm for saving the world – and especially Handforth’s part in it. Thank you.

Do Your Bit to Save The Planet…

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