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“GreenerHandforth” is a campaign to involve any of Handforth’s residents who want to contribute towards our goal, which is to “do our bit” to help save our beautiful planet. Click here to see “About GreenerHandforth” ………

About Us


The simple idea is that absolutely everyone can do something to help. Look at our pages and you will find something you can do, and we want to hear your stories so we can share them – and we want to hear your own ideas on things that work.

We all expect our Government to do the “big things” about climate change – new ways to replace fossil fuels with “clean energy” for example. But there are 63 million people in this country, and if we all “do our bit” just think what that would be like – how huge it would be – if it was multiplied by 63 million! Whether it’s planting a tree, switching off a light that’s not needed, walking to school one day a month instead of using the car – all those things mount up and become massive.

So, work your way through the website and pick one or two things to start with – you’ll be bound to find something you can do straight away to start saving the planet.

But before you go, if you’ve got any thoughts about additions (or corrections) to the content of this website, and especially if you would like to volunteer to help us in any way, we’d love to hear from you – please email us at greenerhandforth@gmail.com, thank you (click on the envelope symbol on any of these pages). We won’ pass on your details to any commercial organisation – see our Privacy Policy.

Big News for a Greener Handforth !!

There is an exciting plan for two avenues of flowering cherry and flowering pear trees in Meriton Road Park. The plan is being brought forward by the Rotary Cheadle Royal Group and Friends of Meriton Road Park. Each avenue of trees will be about 40 metres in length, and will be a beautiful and spectacular enhancement to the park.

Funding will come from the Rotary Club (Cheadle) and the Friends of Meriton Road Park with a contribution from the Manchester Airport Community Fund. More funds will be needed to complete the project.

Prunus Serrulata Kanzan


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